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Mexicans, hard working people

Updated: May 20, 2022

There were many things that I was surprised about when I came to Sweden. But one evident was the number of hours that Swedish people work compared to the one's Mexican work. Let me start by saying that I believe the Swedish way is better, but It takes time to understand it fully. In Mexico, you can find professionals that work 16 hours a day but get paid only for 8 hours. It is incredibly unfair, and you can see international companies like Pirelli or Volkswagen taking advantage of poor labour laws in Mexico.

The point is that when I started working in Sweden, I just saw how everyone went home not more than 5:15 pm. While in Mexico, you see people are working at 10 pm or 11 pm as a routine.

We need to stop this abuse.

The only way to stop this abuse is by saying "no" and establishing limits. We were not born just to work! We are born to enjoy life, and work is a part of it but not the most significant or most important part.

If you are working in Mexico in an international company and working more than 8 hours a day, ask yourself why do you allow it? Why do other people working for the same company in the same position in another country only work 8 hours? Will you respect yourself and your country to stop this madness? Or will you continue with the Colonial tradition of being a kind of "paid slave"? It is your choice.

Meanwhile in Sweden

Life goes on. People will only work 8 hours, and if they are asked to work more, they will get double or triple paid for those extra hours. It is a fantastic place to work! #workInSweden

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