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In this section, you will find answers to your general question. When you apply someone will contact you and you will have the opportunity to talk one on one.

  • What prerequisites do I need for applying to an Internship?
    You must be studying in your last year of a bachelor's Degree or have less than two years of graduation.
  • Do I need to move to Sweden for the Internship?
    Yes, the Internship duration is six months—three months in your home country and three months in Sweden.
  • From which countries can I apply for an Internship?
    You can be from any country; there is no country restriction.
  • Do we get paid during the Internship?
    Yes, for all of our internships, you get paid.
  • Do you have internships for non-engineers?
    No, we do not have internships for non-engineers; all of our Internships are for engineers.
  • Can I come to Sweden with my family?
    Yes, of course! You can come with your partner, wife, or husband and with your kids.
  • Do I need a working permit to work in Sweden?
    Yes, you need a working permit, we work with companies that help you make the appropriate permit application. So do not worry we help you with that!
  • Is my country eligible for a working visa?
    People from any country can apply for a working visa, and we do not have any country restrictions.
  • What is the process of getting a job in Sweden?
    First, you must find an available position in the "Find a Job" section. There you can search for a job that fits you. Once you apply, we will review your application, and if you are a fit for one of our companies, we will contact you and let you know the next steps. You can read more about this in our Online Course 0: "The migration process as an Engineer".
  • What does Iknal Semikan do?
    We are an engineering talent fund. We help talented product development engineers to prepare them through online courses so they can know and understand the swedish culture and language so they can find a great job in Sweden. We prepare you through trainings and online courses to understand the Swedish culture, our courses cover different topics just like, Swedish traditions, Swedish politics, Swedish geography, Swedish language, etc. These courses help you understand the culture and makes it easier for you to migrate, It also gives the companies piece of mind that you already know what to expect when you work for them.
  • What does Iknal Semikan mean?
    Iknal comes from "Maya" which was the Maya's original language. It means: "in company with someone, or together with someone" Semikan comes from "Nahuatl" which was the Aztecs original language. It means: "during all life". Together Iknal Semikan means "Together for life". We want to become that company that you will be together with you, always.
  • Does Iknal Semikan service has a cost?
    Yes, for registrating to the courses we have a fee of 1,000 SEK.
  • What do I need to do to apply?
    You can apply in the following link:
  • Do I need to speak Swedish?
    It is not necessary for you to speak Swedish, but we strongly suggest you start studying the language so you can have a better social integration. But at work it will be good enough by just speaking English.
  • Do I need to speak English?
    Yes, speaking English is mandatory to be able to get a job in Sweden. Without it you wouldn’t be able to communicate with co-workers and customers.
  • How many years of experience do I need to have in order to apply?
    The recommended amount of experience is at least 3 years. As more experience you have you have more opportunities to get a better position and a better salary.
  • What is the recommended age to apply ?
    You can be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • What kind of studies do I need in order to apply?
    At least you require a bachelor’s degree in one of the following engineering: 1.- Embedded Systems. 2.- Computer Science. 3.- Electronics 4.- Mechatronics 5.- Bio medics 6.- Mechanics 7.- Automation 8.- Aerospace 9.- Automotive If you have a master’s in science is a great plus!
  • What kind of jobs do you offer?
    We work with several product development consultancy companies in the areas of software, mechanics, mechatronics, embedded systems, automotive software and software for medical devices.
  • How long does it take to get a job?
    The normal time will take 4 months, but it can be as short as 2 months or as long as 8 months.
  • What salary should I expect?
    The salary range goes from kr 35,000 SEK ($3,500 USD) to kr 100,000 SEK ($10,000 USD) per month.
  • How hard is it to get hired by a Swedish Company?
    If you apply by yourself, it can be hard because Swedish employees want recommendations from you of a Swedish person, and that is hard to have. If you let us help you and fulfill the application requirements, it can be very simple! We prepare you through our migration program and teach you the basics of the Swedish Culture and Swedish Language so you can be confident and get a job in Sweden.
  • What expenses do I need to consider moving to Sweden?
    You need to consider: The flights from your land country to Sweden, normally companies do not pay for the flight, but you can negotiate this directly with the company that hires you. (Depending in which part of the world you are but between $800 USD and $3,500 USD approximately. You need to consider work permit expenses. (2,000 SEK) You need to consider housing expenses. (Between 5,000 SEK and 15,000 SEK, depending on the size of the appartment or house and location).
  • What is the cost of a work permit?
    The cost of a visa is around 2,000 SEK for the applicant and 1,500 SEK for your partner, wife/husband, and 750 SEK for a child, which are normally valid for 2 years.
  • What is the cost of housing in Sweden?
    The cost of renting a simple room can go from 3,000 SEK to 6,000 SEK. The cost of renting an apartment can go from 5,000 SEK to 15,000 SEK. The cost to renting a house goes from 8,000 SEK to 25,000 SEK.
  • How cold is Sweden?
    Sweden is a big country so there are different temperatures all around the country. But you can expect temperatures in winter to be an average between -5C to +3C, but can go down to -20C.
  • How warm is Sweden during the Summer?
    During Summer, the sun rises at three or four am and lowers at 11 pm. Therefore the temperature is much warmer than in winter. The average temperature during Summer is around 20C and a maximum of 32C.
  • When is the best time to go to Sweden?
    Every season has its magic. Most people fall in love with Sweden for the Summer season due to the long days and pleasant weather.
  • What kind of projects roles do you offer?
    You will normally get a job in the area of product development. So depending your background you will be working on different types of job. From gathering requirements, implementations, unit testing, design, documentation, testing, verification, validation, etc.
  • To what kind of companies can I apply?
    You will be applying to product development consultancy companies. These companies have a lot of projects in the areas of software, medical devices, energy, IoT, communications, mechanical, automotive, molds, mobile applications, embedded software, aerospace, etc.
  • Are the jobs in main Cities or small towns?
    There are jobs everywhere, but the current positions are in the biggest cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg or Mälmo, and the smallest cities like Jönkoping, Linköping and Lund.
  • Do you have non-related engineering jobs?
    Our service connects talented engineers with product development companies; most of our job offerings are for engineers. Sometimes at Iknal, we need help with HR or sales activities, but those positions are for working internally at Iknal Semikan, and typically, they are very few openings.
  • Are there jobs related to Civil Engineering?
    No, we do not have Civil Engineering related jobs. We search for product development engineers such as Electronics, Software, Automotive, Mechanics, Aeronautics, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • How many holidays will I get?
    Depends on your employer, normally companies offer between 5 to 7 weeks of holidays. The minimum amount by law is 4 weeks.
  • Can I get support for buying a mobile phone?
    Some companies offer a mobile phone allowance between 3,000 SEK to 8,000 SEK. The benefit and amount depend on the hiring company.
  • Do I have the right for parental leave?
    Yes, of course! You and your partner will have up to 480 days of paternity leave. 390 days are paid to 80% of your current salary and 90 days paid at 150 SEK per day. You need to agree with your partner how many days are spent with the father and how many days with the mother.
  • Do I have the right for pension?
    Yes you do! Even if you are retired outside Sweden you still have the right for your pension.
  • What is the health safety situation/policies in Sweden? Is there state-sponsored universal coverage?
    ​​Adults have a limit on the cost of the doctor; once you pass a cost above 1,500 crowns, the government is the one who pays the medical expenses. Kids receive medical and dental treatments freely—the dentist treatment until they are 18 years old.
  • Does education have to be paid for?
    In Sweden, education is free. The school provides everything kids need, like a laptop, books, materials, etc. Every month kids receive a bus card to go to school by themselves.
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