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Swedish Entrepreneurial Program: A Transformative Experience for Young Mexican Entrepreneurs

TalentTIC, IdeaGto, and CANIETI promote entrepreneurship in alliance with Iknal Semikan.

TalenTIC is an initiative by the National Chamber of the Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology Industry (CANIETI), IdeaGto, and the Sustainable Economic Development Secretariat of the State of Guanajuato (SDES). It aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the technological sector. During the visit of representatives from Iknal Semikan, a company founded by Mexicans in Sweden, to Mexico in 2023, a collaboration was established with TalenTIC to share the knowledge gained in Sweden with young Mexican entrepreneurs.

As part of this collaboration, TalenTIC organized a competition in which engineering students from various universities in Guanajuato could participate. The prize for the competition winners was a trip to Sweden to visit companies and institutions in the country.

Companies and Institutions Visited:

During their participation in the Swedish Entrepreneurial Program, the students had the opportunity to visit a diverse range of companies and institutions in Sweden:

1. SKF: A leading global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, services, and knowledge.

2. AstraZeneca: A global biopharmaceutical company that develops, produces, and markets prescription medicines.

3. Mölnlycke Healthcare: A world-leading provider of medical solutions for wound care, pressure injury prevention, and surgical solutions.

4. Volvo: A leading global manufacturer of trucks, buses, construction equipment, and marine and industrial engines.

5. LuceroBio: A bioconvergence company that combines synergistic technologies from the fields of microbiology, laser optics, artificial intelligence, and microfluidics. Through new combinations of these technologies, Lucero is working to create solutions that accelerate the discovery of the next generation of personalized drugs and treatments.

6. Yuncture: An accelerator that helps startups grow and scale their businesses.

7. Chalmers Ventures: The incubator of Chalmers University of Technology.

8. Doctoral Laboratories of the University of Gothenburg: A cutting-edge research environment where students and researchers collaborate to solve complex problems.

9. SciencePark Jönköping: A science park supporting startups and innovative companies.

10. Jönköping University: A university focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation.

11. Recycling Centers in Mölndal: Mölndal, known for its commitment to sustainability, showcased its waste and resource management practices.

12. Nobel Museum in Stockholm: A museum dedicated to the Nobel Prize and its laureates, offering insights into the contributions of Nobel laureates to society.

13. Semcon: A global technology consulting company. Semcon is a technology consulting company that helps its clients develop innovative, sustainable and efficient products and services. The company also offers design and user experience, eco-design, electrification, embedded systems, mechanical engineering, medical technology, simulation and analysis, and technical due diligence services.

14. Togethertech: A technology consulting company that offers a wide range of services in the areas of manufacturing engineering, software development, embedded systems, system and component verification, and medical technology. The company helps its clients develop innovative, safe and efficient products.

15. Heartaerospace: A company involved in the development of electric aircraft.

16. GoCo: Innovation Development Complex in Gothenburg: GoCo is a cutting-edge innovation development complex in Gotemburgo, providing a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs and researchers to foster innovation and creativity.

17. DREV: Develops cleaning solutions for the battery manufacturing industry. It focuses on safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

18. Zigrid: Develops solutions for the production of electricity from waste heat.

19. Aqua Robur: Technology company that develops solutions for the monitoring and controlling water networks. The company focuses on developing IoT solutions that enable water network operators to collect real-time data and make more informed decisions.

20. CombiQ: CombiQ focuses on the development of solutions for the optimization of complex industrial processes. CombiQ solutions use machine learning algorithms to identify improvement opportunities and optimize processes automatically.

Contributions to Development in Mexico

Initiatives like these positively impact Mexico's development in several ways. Firstly, they help promote entrepreneurship and innovation, leading to new jobs and economic opportunities. Secondly, they connect Mexican entrepreneurs with the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing access to new ideas, resources, and opportunities. Thirdly, they promote cooperation between Mexico and other countries, strengthening commercial and diplomatic relations.

Collaboration with the Swedish Ecosystem

Collaboration between Mexico and Sweden in entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to learn from each country's best practices. Sweden is a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, with a renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem. The experience of Mexican students in Sweden allowed them to understand firsthand how the entrepreneurial ecosystem functions in the country, providing them with insights to apply to their own projects.

Entrepreneurship Statistics in Sweden and Mexico

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Sweden has the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world, with 15.2% of the adult population engaged in entrepreneurial activities. In Mexico, the entrepreneurship rate is 10.6%. In terms of innovation, Sweden ranks first in the 2023 Global Innovation Index, while Mexico is at 56th place. Regarding gender equality, Sweden is one of the most advanced countries globally. According to the World Economic Forum, Sweden ranks first in the 2023 Global Gender Gap Index.

An Unforgettable Experience

The competition winners, Citlali Aguilar Aguilera, Melissa Zamudio Ortiz, Omar Gabriel Palomares Concileon, Julyana Ivette Sanchez Zavala, Eduardo Cardona Bernal, and Mary Carmen González, had the opportunity to participate in the Swedish Entrepreneurial Program from October 13 to 23, 2023.

The program was an unforgettable experience for the students. They visited companies in various sectors, including technology, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. They also met with representatives from governmental institutions and business organizations who shared their insights into the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sweden.

A Global Perspective on Entrepreneurship

The students were amazed by the level of innovation and development in Sweden. They particularly highlighted the emphasis on research and collaboration among companies, universities, and governments. They also emphasized the entrepreneurial culture in the country and the ease with which startups access capital and support.

"In Sweden, entrepreneurship is an integral part of the culture. It is seen as a way to solve problems and contribute to the country's development. The Swedish government provides extensive support to entrepreneurs, including funding, training, and mentoring."

"Swedish companies are open to collaborating with other businesses, universities, and governments. This creates a conducive environment for innovation."

An International Perspective

The students had the chance to immerse themselves in a new culture and learn about the differences between the Mexican and Swedish entrepreneurial ecosystems. This experience will help them develop an international perspective that will be valuable in their professional careers.

"Traveling to Sweden was an incredible experience. We learned a lot about Swedish culture and how Swedish entrepreneurs approach problems. We also had the opportunity to meet people worldwide, which helped us develop a global perspective."

"The experience made us realize that the world is a vast and diverse. It made us more aware of the opportunities that exist abroad."

A Motivation to Venture

The program inspired the students to pursue their projects. Many of them expressed that the experience changed their perception of entrepreneurship and motivated them to continue with their dreams.

"The program showed us that entrepreneurship is possible for anyone. It gave us the confidence to move forward with our projects."

"We learned that entrepreneurship is a challenging but also advantageous path. We are determined to progress with our projects and make our dreams a reality."

An Exciting Experience

For many students, this was their first time leaving their country. The experience was exciting and challenging. They had to adapt to a new culture and communicate in a foreign language.

"Leaving my country for the first time was an unforgettable experience. It was exciting to meet new people and learn about a new culture. It was also a challenge to adapt to Swedish language and customs."

"I learned that it is important to be open to new experiences. Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me grow as a person."

An Inclusive Experience

In almost all the places they visited, the students were welcomed by CEOs, high-level representatives, development coordinators, etc. There was an outstanding balance between men and women, showing that Sweden has a high level of equality and inclusion.

"It was inspiring to see so many women in leadership positions in Sweden. It gives me hope for the future of entrepreneurship."

"I learned that gender equality is crucial for economic and social development. I am committed to working towards gender equality in Mexico."

A Sustainable Experience

The students also had the opportunity to learn about sustainability, environmental responsibility, and the follow-up on the 2030 agenda in product development. This was a valuable experience that will help them develop products that are more environmentally responsible.

The Swedish Entrepreneurial Program was a highly positive experience for the participating students. The program helped them learn about entrepreneurship, develop leadership skills, and understand a new culture.

Entrepreneurial Learnings:

Through these visits, the students gained valuable insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship:

1. The Importance of Research and Collaboration: Witnessing the collaboration between companies, universities, and governments emphasized the significance of research-driven innovation.

2. The Significance of Entrepreneurial Culture: Experiencing Sweden's entrepreneurial culture highlighted its role in fostering innovation and creativity.

3. Access to Capital and Support: Understanding the ease with which startups access capital and support emphasized the importance of such resources for entrepreneurial ventures.

4. Emphasis on Sustainability: Learning about sustainability and environmental responsibility reinforced the students' understanding of the importance of eco-friendly product development.

Overall Impact on the Students:

The Swedish Entrepreneurial Program had a profound effect on the students:

- Transformational Experience: The program transformed their perspective on entrepreneurship, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge.

- Inspiration from Sweden: The students were inspired by Sweden's innovation, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to equality.

- Motivation to Pursue Dreams: The program ignited a spark within the students, motivating them to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations with newfound confidence and determination.

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