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Consultancy companies.

A consulting company is a company that is dedicated to advising, giving guidance and proposing solutions for specific problems that companies may face. Thanks to the internal staff of the consulting companies, they can offer this type of service.

Consultants who work within consulting firms help clients achieve their business goals by providing them with expert advice in their field of expertise, advising them on different topics such as business development, finance, marketing, sales, operations, customer service, accounting, management, human resources, funding opportunities, product development, technology development, innovation, etc.

There can be a consultant for each area and process of the company. These are some of the most important types:

Business consulting contributes to optimising the company's internal operations and workflows, improving the functioning of each department, including the operations and management areas, making the necessary adjustments so that they work more efficiently, and recommending the best structure so that each department can develop its full potential. They help improve the code of ethics and resolve internal or cross-departmental issues related to the

Strategic consulting has one of the broadest visions of this profession, providing comprehensive support to common problems of managers and executives.

Marketing consulting helps companies strengthen their brand and design strategies to attract, retain, and delight their target audience by defining customer profiles and understanding industry trends and business opportunities.

Information technology consulting collaborates with companies to develop an efficient IT structure, taking charge of maintenance (optimising the IT resources already present and integrated) and managing the update (planning and implementing changes that represent a long-term improvement in the IT structure of the organisation.). This can include updating cloud systems, data migration, Blockchain technologies, Big Data analytics, etc.

Human resources consulting helps improve relations between a company's employees, contributing to their development and training; it also identifies challenges that companies face when selecting human talent. Participates in recruitment, identifying the most qualified candidates who fit the position's profile and the company's culture.

Technological consultants are professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in technology to offer long-term advice for the maintenance of the solutions adopted.

A technology consultancy aims to facilitate the integration of trained personnel in different companies, from large multinationals to small companies or start-ups.

Generally, when a company works with a technology consultancy, strong links are established between the two. The knowledge that the consultancy acquires about the client is very vast. Therefore, the long-term support is of high quality and offers total confidence.

Technology consultancies usually have a wide portfolio of contacts. Access to them is always an advantage when it comes to efficient networking.

Operations consulting investigates and obtains data to address various problems and design processes that increase productivity, improve efficiency or reduce costs.

Financial consultancy evaluates the situation and designs strategies that help maximise the company's profitability, offering a specialised service in investment management, cash flow and general planning of resources. Establishes financial objectives (ROI, expenses and income, benefits, etc.) and how to achieve them.

Sustainability consulting helps companies to take measures that allow them to comply with environmental regulations because, currently, companies are increasingly concerned with being ecologically responsible and reducing their environmental impact through sustainable practices.

The legal consultancy has advisors who help with complex legal issues; they are expert lawyers in different areas of law.

Social media consultancy optimises clients' social media accounts to reach their target audience and create a committed community of followers, generating content that arouses audiences' interest and developing successful campaigns.

Healthy living consulting is in charge of closely monitoring clients' diet, habits and exercise routine, evaluating their physical conditioning needs, and inquiring about their lifestyle and objectives to design a specialised plan.

Sales consulting increases the companies' revenue by evaluating the sales process, from attracting customers to closing, and developing strategies that optimise each part.

Professional consulting or career coaching helps people identify their abilities and tastes to choose a professional career where they can fully develop and be happy. Also supports the clients in getting a job that allows them to advance in their profession or even change course when they are unsatisfied with their current position.

Public relations consulting is a specialist in communications and is usually hired when seeking to improve the public image of a brand, person or company. They work on the company's communications through press releases, or to disseminate its mission, objectives and policies, investigate the needs and expectations of the public and communicate them to the company so that it can make the necessary changes.

Hiring the services of a consultant may allow you to achieve the company's objectives in less time, optimise the business, find new opportunities for improvement and align the organisation's people to obtain more outstanding performance.

If you want to know more about the services offered by Iknal Semikan, contact us now and let's make your company grow.

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stephon james
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stephon james
stephon james
23 de jun. de 2023

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Sara brook
Sara brook
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Carlos Luigi Fortuno
Carlos Luigi Fortuno
20 de jun. de 2023

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