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Becoming a citizen and the benefits of a Swedish Passport.

The kingdom of Sweden is part of the European Union and is located in Northern Europe, bordering Finland, Norway and Denmark.

  • The official language is Swedish.

  • The official currency is the Swedish Korona (SEK).

  • Sweden offers a high standard of architecture, beautiful landscapes and nature, innovation and technology.

  • The government is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

  • King Carl XVI Gustaf is the chief of state.

  • The Prime Minister is the head of government.

Turning Torso is a residential neo-futuristic skyscraper in Sweden and is the tallest building in Scandinavia. It is located in the city of Malmö on the shore of the Öresund Strait.

It is not surprising that many people decide to move to the largest Scandinavian country to enjoy everything Sweden offers.

"The legal definition of citizenship is the formal relationship between an individual and a state concerning rights and obligations" (Migrationsverket).

Becoming a citizen has benefits like full access and allowance to live and work in the country, voting in the parliament elections, being elected to the Swedish Parliament, joining the police or armed forces, work in other EU countries.

Sweden allows dual citizenship, which brings various benefits, such as

working in several countries, social benefits like pension for more than one country, owning or inheriting real estate/property, travelling or residing in different countries.

It is possible to apply for Swedish citizenship if the requirements requested by the Migration Agency are met:

  • You must be 18 years old, the majority of age in Sweden.

  • Prove your identity with a passport or another approved document issued by an official authority from your home country.

  • Have lived in the country for five consecutive years and intentions to stay permanently within the country.

  • The reason to live in Sweden has a lot to do with the approval of citizenship. For example, for working purposes, for opening a business.

  • During the five years, you must have lived an orderly life in Sweden. The migration agency gathers more information about you from three other institutions: the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden), which provides information about debts and financial status, not paying taxes, and not making maintenance payments. The police authority (Polisen) includes information about criminal background. The security service (Säkerhetspolisen) makes a security check about you.

  • If you are married to a Swedish citizen, you can have citizenship after three years, proving that you really live and have a life together.

  • If you have children under 18 and they have a residence permit and live with you in Sweden, you can include them in the citizenship application. If they are between the ages of 12 and 18, they need to sign a consent for citizenship.

  • Paid the application fee (for this year, 2022, the cost is 1,500 SEK, approx 140 American dollars.).

  • Time to a decision: Closed application cases received a decision within 37 months. Notification for Swedish citizenship can be obtained and answered within eight months.

It is relevant to know that Sweden doesn't give immediate citizenship to those babies born in Sweden whose parents are non-citizens (like the United States does.). It is impossible to be granted citizenship through military service. Sweden doesn't give automatic citizenship to a person who makes extensive financial contributions. All persons must fulfill the application and make the entire process to become citizens.

On June 6, a national day in Sweden, the municipalities around the country organize citizenship ceremonies for new Sweds, people who got citizenship in Sweden the year before. On that day, the new sweds get their citizenship certificate, a table flag and a fika.

When becoming a citizen, you are eligible for a Swedish passport which allows you to travel in some countries without a visa.

Owning a Swedish passport give the citizen the great experience of travelling with a mobility score of 173, including 117 visa-free countries, 47 visa-on-arrival countries and nine eTA (electronic travel authorization), according to the 2022 Guide Passport Ranking Index.

Visa-free countries: European countries, Mexico, Latin American countries, and South African countries.

Visa-on-arrival countries: Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Central African countries.

eTA: Australia, Canada, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), New Zealand, Pakistan, Qatar, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the United States Of America.

As a result of this mobility, the Sweden passport ranks second place in the world, making it a very desirable document. This demonstrates that Sweden has a good reputation among other countries. It has excellent country-to-country relationships showing that other countries trust Sweden.

Once you live the Swedish life, you can become a citizen to get all the benefits of being part of society.

If you want to change your life, you can apply here and become part of a genuinely evolving and advanced country.

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