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LOOKING FOR 1000 ENGINEERS, Chapter 1: My new mission in Latin America

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Promoting innovation is not a luxury of advanced economies; to face current challenges, it is necessary to link and train advanced human capital in science, technology, and innovation throughout the world.

The Iknal team has searched for and prepared engineering talents with the potential to change their environment and thereby generate a more friendly technological ecosystem for all regions.

There is a shortage of engineering talent. Engineering Consultancy companies have tried to look everywhere for talented engineers to help them create future products and build a better world. Unfortunately, they have not found enough engineers yet and have entrusted Javier to search for the best talents.

On this occasion, we have given ourselves the task of looking for that incredible talent that Latin America has to create the products of the future.

Accompany Javier in this great adventure of finding the best 1000 Engineers in Latin America. Are you one of them?

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