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LOOKING FOR 1000 ENGINEERS, Chapter 2: Electric cars at ITESM CCM

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Electromobility is just around the corner. Although these models are not currently among consumer preferences, with the increase in consumption trends for electric vehicles, it is undeniable to think that it will be a more tangible reality in a few years.

It is well said that youth is a source of innovation, and proof of this is that a group of students from the Tecnologico de Monterrey has created an electric car with their own hands, ingenuity, and passion.

We went to the Tecnologico de Monterrey facilities. We learned about the facilities they give their students to develop in the technological field. That is how we met Bernardo and Antonio, brilliant and innovative students with a great desire to share their talent.

Let's get to know them:

Today we are going to tell you some facts about electric vehicles:

What are electric cars?

Electric cars are powered by one or more electric motors powered by energy stored in an electric battery.

Electromobility is a positive change that seeks to improve environmental conditions by substituting fossil fuels directly for energy, allowing pollutant emissions and pollution to be significantly reduced.

It is a fact that electromobility is becoming increasingly prevalent today since several cities are already betting, for example, in the search for electrical solutions for their transport lines. European countries, for example, are increasingly adopting this technology to move their citizens.

What is relevant is that it currently acquires an essential sense of relevance since it is an excellent step towards decarbonization through the use of renewable energies, which allows the automotive sector to achieve real change. Through the new environmental policies that prevail in many cities.

Even though little by little electric cars are taking their place within the preference of motorists, there still needs to be more knowledgeable about what the use of these technologies means.

We are incredibly grateful to Tecnologico del Monterrey, Raúl Crespo, National Director of Electronics, for all the facilities he has provided to carry out this chapter.

If you want to be part of this movement to show your talent through the technological innovations you have made, contact us, and we will be happy to meet you.

And if you want to be one of the 1000 engineers, remember to send us your great profile.

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