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Working in Sweden, Chapter 2: What is it like to lead a team that creates new mechanical products?

There are not many professions that in recent decades have experienced such rapid changes in their practices, content, and social presence as engineering, a job that has been closely linked to the historical development of societies, particularly in the last centuries of the modern era. . This social importance that engineering has held for a long time lies in its close relationship with the achievement of social welfare and today, in the face of growing industrialization. With the technological advance, engineering is experiencing radical and irreversible changes. In addition, it has passed to become a strategic ingredient in the economic and industrial development of many nations.

In principle, it is possible to argue that, given the structural conditions in which the global industry finds itself, the preference for recruiting engineers with positive qualities and highly versatile capabilities over the mere mastery of engineering knowledge could be an expressive indicator of the movements that carried out by industrial units to face the international competitiveness in which they are involved today, in addition to reflecting the visions that said organizations hold regarding the technological practice in production.

Mechanical Engineering is a branch of engineering that is essentially based on physics, thermodynamics, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and dynamics, among others.

By taking advantage of the contributions of Physics, Mechanical Engineering works on the creation of useful devices such as tools and machinery. This branch of engineering develops machines, equipment, and installations. To achieve this, it considers the ecological and economic aspects of societies.

This engineering is one of the most prolific and immense opportunities it provides. Marco tells us a little about all these opportunities. He is the manager of a company that provides mechanical solutions for projects developed by companies like Volvo.

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