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Working in Sweden, Chapter 1: Engineers, the reality of equality

The more egalitarian a country is, the more capable women opt for science studies.

Engineering has always carried the stigma of being an exclusively male field. But the good thing is that this scenario is changing daily, and women have ended the myth that careers in the exact sciences are for men. Many powerful female engineers were responsible for pioneering work by women in these areas and paved the way for today's professionals.

Studies on the evolution of the labor market indicate that a significant number of jobs that will be created in the future will require knowledge of engineering and technology.

If we think of women engineers who have contributed to changing the world we live in, how many are we able to cite spontaneously?

Undoubtedly, there are outstanding scientific contributions of women, but their work has been unknown for decades.

Let's meet some of the women who have made contributions to engineering:

  • Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu, Romanian by birth, was the first female engineer in history.

  • Vera Helfrid Victoria Sandberg, in 1917 became Sweden's first female engineer.

  • Concepción Mendizábal Mendoza, the first female engineer in Mexico.

  • Elisa Beatriz Bachofen, The first Argentine in Civil Engineering.

  • Pilar Careaga and Basabe, the first Spanish.

  • Edith Clarke, the American, was the first woman to study Electrical Engineering.

  • Enedina Marques, the Brazilian, was an example of overcoming at a time when discrimination was still extreme after the abolition of slavery.

  • Hanna Hammarström was a Swedish inventor, engineer, and businesswoman.

Society cannot miss the value generated by women in all professions. Gender diversity produces wealth, and the technological and industrial sector needs well-prepared women who can contribute their creative potential and their capacity for innovation, adding new insights to improve the world in which we live. I am sure many young women want to be transformers in this society; let's encourage them because engineering needs them.

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