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The weather in Sweden and its contrast.

Sweden is a country in northern Europe that experiences different types of climate: the subpolar weather of Lapland and the Scandinavian Alps, the semi-continental Baltic climate of the central-southern coasts and the less cold and almost oceanic weather of the southern coasts and islands.

Precipitation in Sweden is not generally abundant; the rainiest season is autumn on the southwest coast and summer in the rest of the country.

Some parts of Sweden are quite sunny. Along the east coast, from Luleå to Stockholm; the maximum solar brightness is reached in the islands of the southeast, Gotland and Öland.

Sweden is a country with a lot of light and a lot of darkness; it depends on the season of the year:

In spring, the Swedish countryside is filled with green and flowers and it is like the color reborn after the cold and dark winter. The sun returns, and there are some picturesque festivals. Stockholm and Gothenburg well known archipelagos can be visited by coastal ferries that encompass a wide range of plant and animal ecosystems making a natural beauty, distinctive cultural heritage and variety of landscapes perfect for outdoor activities and recreation.

Summer is the season where the days are longer and the sun shines more; it never gets completely dark, with days that are light until almost 11 pm and sunrises that wake you up at 3 am, this is called the midnight sun. As sunlight is present most of the day, you can sail on the seas and enjoy the beautiful views. People take the opportunity to swim in the lakes or the sea because the temperature is more pleasant. Cafes pull their tables outside, there are outdoor shows and beach activities.

In autumn, nature changes colors again; days are clear, bright and with good weather. There are still many hours of sunshine to be able to go for a walk to collect fruits, berries and mushrooms. This is the perfect time to visit Gotland, according to some locals, because the sea is still warm and the weather is mild, the crowds have gone and restaurants and hotels are still open on weekends. Gotland is an island full of wild nature, a coastline of sandy beaches and sea sculptures. Its principal city, Visby, dates from the Viking Age and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site worthy of visiting for well-preserved architecture and culinary delights.

Winter is the season when the temperature fluctuates below zero in much of the country covered with snow. It's also characterized by the length of the days: in December the days are tiny, and in the north, the sun does not even rise, this is called the polar night; the cold lasts between November and the end of March; February is usually cooler than December, but the days start to get longer quite clearly. In the long winter, you can do different activities:

You can go to the skiing trails found in big cities like Stockholm and enjoy this winter sport. In the north of the country such as: dog sledging pulled by huskies through frozen lakes and snow-covered forests will make the most beautiful experience through the landscapes; getting on a snowmobile to travel the snow road (it is recommended to wear glasses because the eyelashes and eyebrows can fill with ice); visiting the ice hotel is an unmissable visit since you can stay in one of its rooms where you will not be cold since they place reindeer skin, in addition to thermal sleeping bags to keep the body warm; but you will also be surprised by the number of ice figures that adorn each of the rooms such as hands, Russian dolls, etc.; the northern lights are an incomparable natural spectacle as the night sky is filled with moving lights of colors such as green, purple and red (take a good camera to capture the moment); You will be able to know the Sami culture whose inhabitants were among the first to inhabit Sweden. During the coldest period of the year, the waters of the lakes and rivers freeze, making it the perfect opportunity for ice skating in a natural and outdoor environment that will create an unforgettable experience by combining the beautiful landscapes with the sound of skates sliding on the ice and feel the cold air on the face. A trendy activity suitable for the brave is bathing in cold water in bathhouses in various parts of the country, and a hot sauna complements the therapeutic experience.

These are some of the many activities that people can do in Sweden. Each place has its magic; deciding to change your life and live in a place like Sweden with its light, darkness, snow, and high contrasts will make you live great experiences with nature, culture and people.

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