Meeting Alexandra from Equilly

Updated: Jun 12

Today I met Alexandra from Equilly. We had an Innovation “fika” in Mahogny Coffee's. We talked about how Iknal Semikan can help Equilly to develop their product, so it is ready to be manufacturable for next year, tough calendar but you have come to the right place!

We discussed how Equilly can become the hub or centre of a series of sensors around the horse. We talked a bit about wireless communication selection and pressure sensing technology.

After we finished the "fika", we went to Equilly office a couple of blocks away. It was very interesting to see the working prototypes and what they have been accomplished until now.

So if anyone in the network is interested in developing the PCB, mobile application, embedded software of Equilly product please send me an email.

Because I do not know anything about horses, I am adding this video to share with all of you just in case you are in the same situation as me!

So Welcome to Alexandra and Equilly we are excited to find out what we will build together!

Iknal Semikan – Engineering Talent Fund.


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