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Explore nature wherever you are.

Sweden has about 87 billion trees, approximately 70% is covered with forests, and a variety of animals live in the surroundings.

Sweden's one-of-a-kind regulation, the Right of Public Access, allows anyone to walk freely in the countryside and delight in the vast forests full of edible berries such as lingonberries, blueberries, mushrooms, and clean lakes to catch fish and swim. Like any other law, it comes with privileges and restrictions that must follow to respect nature truly. Special rules for national parks and nature reserves applied.

There are important points that people must understand before going into a specific activity like:

  • Cycling is allowed in nature and on private roads or trails, but it is prohibited to ride across house grounds, cultivated lands or lands that could damage.

  • Camping, It is allowed to camp for one or two nights as long as it does not disturb the landowner or damage nature.

  • Fire, it is possible to turn on a campfire as long as it is set on gravel or sandy ground, not use a living tree, and check on the proper surroundings conditions to prevent a forest fire.

  • Climbing mountains are allowed to climb all year long; however, it is vital to respect plants, rocks and animals that live in the surroundings and the climber must be very well trained to prevent any harm to nature.

  • Picking flowers. It is allowed to pick up flowers, berries and mushrooms, but keep in mind that some plants are protected; for example, people can not collect rocks.

  • Hunting and fishing are allowed in almost all territory; however, it is essential to use common sense of don't disturb and don't destroy. May apply some rules.

  • Organized outdoor recreation is permitted when the managed fully acknowledges the public access rules and explains them to the persons in the scheduled activity.

  • Horse riding is allowed, but not on soft ground to prevent damage.

  • Hiking and skiing are for anyone who enjoys doing it as long as they do not disturb someone's property and do not do it on cultivated ground.

  • Dogs in nature can run free in some spaces and for some periods. But between March 1. And on August 20, dogs cannot run free in the countryside. In national parks, the dogs must be controlled and with the leash on at all times, and as a general rule, dog owners are responsible for any damage the dog may cause.

The activities are in public places at certain times of the year, with special rules in some areas:

  • Private roads allow walking, running, cycling and riding a horse, always respecting personal property. Motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, mopeds, tractors, engineering vehicles, snowmobiles and cross-country trucks) are not allowed on some private roads.

  • Mountains must be respected by not harming the environment and the Sámi reindeer husbandry.

  • Privacy protection zones are clearly limited by a fence, a hedge, a road, a footpath or a cycle path; other properties do not necessarily have delimitated areas, but they have nearby a forest, a ditch, a field or a road. People who want to pass by on some street must respect private property and not disturb it.

  • Protected areas such as national parks and nature reserves have special rules to protect them fully. Sweden has 30 national parks (Sveriges National Parker) scattered throughout the territory.

  • Fences and signs are only allowed when they prevent people from trespassing on the grounds of houses, cultivated land and an environment susceptible to damage.

  • On water and ice, people can swim, sail, moor a boat and spend a night or two on board almost anywhere, as long as they do not disturb, do not destroy rules are followed and respect the limits of private property and protected areas and sanctuaries.

Having contact with nature is vital for everyone; this is why the preschools take the little children on excursions in nature so that they can observe, get to know and have contact with the environment that surrounds them.

Sachsgatan is a preschool that takes very serious nature excursions and takes the children on climate-smart electric cargo bikes. The bikes are front-loaded and are equipped with seat belts and helmets for everyone (kids and teachers), making it easy to watch over kids during the journey to reach the final destination and interact with them by talking about what they see during the road.

Every person must take care of nature by not disturbing the animals who live in the surroundings and not leaving rubbish behind when camping in nature, when cycling and when riding. If we protect our planet together, future generations will have a fantastic place to live.

Living in a country with almost unlimited access to nature gives a great opportunity to be surrounded by precious landscapes, and the real potential of developing innovations can grow because the mind clarifies.

Start a new, fully nature life in Sweden. Begin your process with Iknal Semikan.

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