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Assets of working with a recruitment agency.

To understand and analyze the assets of working with a recruitment agency for the candidate search, we need to know first what a recruitment agency is. Recruitment agencies are dedicated to promoting employment opportunities. Their work is limited to advertising jobs; they do not carry out direct hiring and are only in charge of searching for and selecting candidates who meet the required conditions.

A recruiting agency can help companies manage the search and identify requested human talent who are challenging to find in a reasonable time and with quality processes. Human talent is the workforce represented by all organization members with the skills and competencies to carry out their work efficiently and successfully.

A recruitment consultant is an expert who will help companies in the process, from the definition of the position profile to the entry of the new member to the team.

Actions carried out during recruitment:

  • Analysis of vacancies and job requirements within a company.

  • Publicize the vacancy through various channels such as the recruitment website, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Attracting interested candidates to complete their applications for the jobs on offer.

  • Submitted applications screening.

  • Selection of suitable candidates for specialized positions.

Let us now analyze what are the benefits of choosing an external consultant to be in charge of guaranteeing the best candidates:

1. Access to the best candidates:

Recruiting consultants' knowledge on how to avoid hiring the wrong candidate can be precious; they know who is looking for a job, how capable they are, and what kind of salary expectations people have.

Consultants have solid networks and a clear idea of ​​where to find these people. The best recruiters will spot technical ability and a candidate who aligns with company values, resulting in a successful long-term hire and employment that, in the long run, will be a crucial element in the company's development.

Recruitment agencies have access to a range of talented job seekers, having extensive knowledge of individual segments of the labour market and the talent available in particular locations. At Iknal Semikan, we receive a wide variety of CVs from around the world who have the right profile to fill new vacancies that will grow the tech market in Sweden.

Human capital, with the skills and attitudes required by the organization, translates into greater efficiency and increased productivity of professionals, work teams, and the company.

2. Cost-effective

Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for organizations, one that uses significant resources but rarely offers guarantees.

The company must carry out an adequate recruitment and selection process because it avoids hiring people with inefficient job performance. Also, it minimizes staff turnover, which is expensive since replacing an employee has direct costs.

By building a trusted relationship with a recruiting agency and understanding the goals of the company seeking talent, the agency will hire the right people for each job position in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The time, effort and resources saved can be focused on maintaining and increasing productivity in other areas.

3. Industry vision

Recruitment agencies have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the international, national and local labour market, salary levels, and the skills required to be successful in your industry, which employers can draw on when planning their recruitment strategy.

Recruitment consultants understand the three main variables to hire:

  • Employer needs

  • The expectations of the candidates

  • The impacts of the labour market in general.

They are in an ideal position to help employers make informed decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

4. Lighten the load of internal talent analysis.

Having an external agency for recruitment will give the HR team enough time to carry out their various responsibilities more effectively and maintain an excellent internal work environment with clear employee policies and benefits.

5. Build the company brand:

A company's brand can be what potential candidates or clients think of the company. That's why recruiting and building outstanding teams will create a good reputation and a strong employer brand. If employees are happy, it is undoubtedly because of hiring people with the right skills and requirements for the job offers.

In many cases, employers need specialized support with their recruitment strategies. We assume the responsibility of identifying and attracting talent and choosing the best professional profiles for a given vacancy.

Iknal Semikan provides the right talent to help businesses grow. Let's work together!

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