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Feature Developer for Vehicles

Job Location

Gothenburg, Sweden

Job Type

Full Time

Salary Range

35,000 SEK - 70,000 SEK

Min. years of experience


Last day to apply:

31 oktober 2022

About the Role

We would like you to have some years of experience as a function developer in Automotive and preferably some experience in power electronics, motor/driveline, or electromobility. The work takes place in cross-functional, agile teams within RnD and you will be part of the entire development process, from design and implementation to testing and final adjustments of a specific function.

Apply today! This is your time to conquer a new world!


Feature Developer for Vehicles


We are now looking for more function developers with work experience in model-based software development. We are looking for you who have:

  • 2+ years of work experience in Matlab / Simulink and model-based software development.

  • University degree in Electronics, Physics, Mechatronics or equivalent.

  • If you also have experience in power electronics, this is a great advantage.

  • Experience of the agile way of working.

  • Advanced communication in  English, both orally and in writing.

  • To succeed in the role, we believe that you are a structured team person with high drive and good communication skills.

About the Company

We are not offering just a new job. We want to help you to build a new exciting life in a country where technology and innovation are a reality in the present and the compass of the future. When you come to Sweden you can count you will get a real work-life balance; you will delight and learn from the job challenges as working for companies that develops amazing products and services; but also where you can be sure that your personal time is totally respected, so you can enjoy all the aspects of your personal life.

Sweden is well known for its secure and tranquil life, where personal differences are respected and diversity is a common value, as the greatest egalitarian society of the world. So if you are a talented Software developer, this is your chance to live more than ever you imagined.

Mónica Gutiérrez

Your personal coach

javier circle.png

Mexican professional with more than 20 years of experience in Economics and Finance. Passionate about developing new companies, new technologies and the growth of high potential talent. She participated in crucial finance roles for large multinational companies, startups and consulting. In addition, she has successfully combined her experience in negotiating in large corporations and one-to-one relationships with different clients.
I have lived in Sweden for the last two years, so I will give you first-hand the best tips for adapting to the Nordic environment.
I will put myself at your service and give you the best tactics and practices to bring out the best in you and make you shine for Swedish recruiters. I will walk you through the preparation program. I am excited to start this journey with you.

About Iknal Semikan

We are a talent engineering agency; we focus on finding talent worldwide who are willing to learn about Sweden and Swedish culture and would like to live in one of the best countries, Sweden.


We help you prepare through several courses about this wonderful country to have a very natural and straightforward migration process.

Would you like to live in one of the best countries? We help you!

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