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Start-up / Entrepreneour

IKNAL Semikan helps early stage startups and entrepreneours to develop their product with very little amount of money. We have a large amount of talented engineers which are willing to help you take important product decision that will drastically afect the future of your product development and success as a startup.

Independent Engineer / Mentor

At IKNAL Semikan we are constantly searching for new taleented Engineers and Business Mentors that are willing to collaborate with early stage Startups in exchange for equity.

Product Development Company

IKNAL Semikan is constantlly looking for the best product development houses in each technology area. If you are a Product Development Company that wants to be involved with entrepreneours and great business idea this is your place!

Start-up Accelerator

IKNAL Semikan works side by side with the best startup accelerators in the world. We are your perfect partner, while you help your startups in business decisions we take care of the product development.  Lets work together to impulse our startups!


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